You  might remember these little guys. 

Maybe only the most amazing pair of shoes I've ever seen in my whole entire life ever. 


Clearly I can't afford them. They are the equivalent of 2.5 dishwashers AND the fee to have an electrician come out and run power to them. AND, maybe the fee for the plumber too.


I've found some that are pretty darn similar. 

$31. here. 
You. are. welcome. :)

If you are in the Oklahoma City area, come see me at the Arts Festival! I'll be in the Children's Art Field!

Happy Tuesday!

Busy, busy week ahead of me!

Happy Monday kids! This week will be a doozie. I've got so much going on that I don't even know where to begin! 

First off, this entire week will be spent at the Oklahoma City Festival of the Arts. The festival goes from Tuesday April 26th- Sunday May 1st. This year I'm co-chairing the Children's Art Field and I couldn't be more excited! I love working with kids and seeing what they create. Love. It. So I've taken off the entire week of work to devote to the festival. 

Wednesday is Angels and Friends. It's often referred to "the" party of the spring in Oklahoma City. Lots of people will be there. All of them dressed to the 9's. 

Here is what I'm thinking of wearing. 

What else? Let me see... I've been working on some invites for a few contract clients. They all look really great and have turned out pretty cool. I'll post photos as soon as I get my laptop back. ( I've left it at a friends after an incredibly over the top night of dinner, wine and what turned into a Yelle dance party.  )

Lots to catch everyone up on as far as the house goes as well. Actually, so many things that I'll save them for later this week. (hint: ikat, chalkboard walls and dishwashers) 

But I will leave you with an idea for "springing up your home" a la Meg Lonergan,  a good friend of mine that I grew up with in Singapore. 

And, if Meg suggests it, I'm doing it. The lady knows what she is talking about.  She was recently featured in the second issue of High Gloss Magazine.  (An amazing resource by the way.)

High Gloss Magazine: Read the latest issue here.

Meg's feature: check out her blog here.

Meg suggested to spring up your kitchen with small potted succulents like this one. The little leaves are so puffy and cute. Assuming I can keep this little guy alive, it really does add something to the kitchen!

Beautiful Things

{beautiful roses that I planted all on my very own }

{beautiful: chihuly on a sunday afternoon at okcmoa}

{beautiful: sipping an ice mocha while flipping through this baby at red cup in okc}

{beautiful finds at super cao nguyen}

Good Words

I've been working a bit more on my guest room/ office lately. And I really want a few motivational posters to put up in nice pretty frames. Though I'm more than likely going to create my own with a few of my favorite sayings, here are a few that I like as well. 






Hollywood Regency Style: A Gorgeous Buffet (and a fully stocked bar, duh)

Last week I began the "Hollywood Regency" style series. Its a style I really really love and so I've dedicated an entire series to how you can achieve this look in your home by getting your hands on a few key pieces. One of the most important things (I think at least!) is the bar/buffet. And its got to come fully stocked or its no use. So, voila! My picks for really great bar/ buffets. 




Wide Leg Low Down

Bell bottoms, wide leg.... whatever you wanna call it. This is what I'm loving right now. I tried to get my hands on a pair from the GAP, but they were totally sold out online until May. Really GAP? Really? Don't make me make the trek to the mall look look for a pair in person. 

1. Gap $69.95
2. 7 for all mankind $178
3. 7 for all mankind $138
4. forever21 $24.80
5. asos $62.76
6. william rast $211

Such a sucker for anything colorful and sweet.






One day....

One day, I hope that I have a husband/boyfriend that is just as handy as the ex was. Don't get me wrong, I'm a super independent "never gonna need to rely on a guy for anything" type of girl. Plus  I'm actually quite handy. I've hard wired chandeliers, made chalkboard walls, painted... But NEVER in a million years could I build something like this. A hidden bookshelf, are you kidding me??? I'd die. I need this in my house more than I need a dishwasher or cable, or switch plates. Hell I need this more than I need a garage or an ice maker. I really really need this. Just for the cool factor. BUT, there is no way I'd ever be able to follow through with building something this amazing. Cant you see me with half a wall knocked out and electrical cords dangling from the ceiling for years? I'm terrible about finishing projects. Too bad B and I aren't together anymore I think he'd totally knock this project out in a weekend with time to spare. Why can't I be more handy???

More importantly, why can't I be more sensible? Look at what I recently purchased. Before buying a dishwasher or hiring a plumber to come run a water line to my ice maker, I bought a robotic vacuum. It's official. I've lost my mind. At least my floors are clean though. :)

Travel on the brain

I don't know what it is. But I've had the nagging feeling lately that I need to skip town and get out of the country. This isn't just the usual third culture kid "gypsy" inside me either. Like, I really need to get on a plane, a bus, a boat, a sleeper train.... something.... and go on holiday. Perhaps I've got wanderlust. Perhaps I'm sick of my only late night dining option being Taco Bell or McDonalds. Maybe I want a shawarma man! Who knows. But one thing is for certain, Vogue India's April issue only makes me want to travel more. Oh, and P.S. Ashika Pratt is my new girl crush. Isn't she gorgeous?

longest. week. ever.

This photo makes me really happy. :)

P.s. Is it Friday yet? I need a break from my life I think. Yup. 

Great Local Find: Barn Lighting

I've been noticing barn lighting just about everywhere. So when I stopped in at the clutterbug just off the antiques district in OKC I fell in love with what I found. Two hanging barn pendants for just $20! It was a steal and I can't wait to hang them. I'm debating though, should I spray paint the insides gold? Or leave the insides white. 

via decorpad

via the inspired room

via barn light electric

my beauties! found at the clutterbug

should I paint the insides gold? Or leave it white?

Sunday Supper

Had a pretty fantastic Sunday yesterday. Did a bit of grocery shopping, hit up some new thrift stores and had brunch with some great friend over at cafe 501 in Classen Curve. Life seems good again. :) Here is what I did for dinner. 

Make sure to come back tomorrow.  (I am guest posting over at one of my favorite blogs!!) It will definitely get you in the mood for summer.... Also hopefully this week, I'm looking forward to a new blog design being completed. Kelly over at Fabulous K is in charge and I'm so excited to see what she has come up with!
 Have a great Monday! (Errr, try to at least)