Literally. It has a gaping hole in the top where all the cold air leaks out, two panes of glass are missing and it doesn't close unless I pull it closed with all 92 lbs of my body weight. (Ok, maybe I exaggerated a bit there...) My electric bill was $400 this month and im convinced its because of the stupid door. I really need a new one. And since they are equivalent in cost to  1/2 of a Rocco Taco, 1/4 the cost of break pads for my car or a new air conditioning system, I'll be replacing it on the cheap. READ: It's Thrift City, kids. And I'm the mayor. I'm going to have to pull my resources and do this the cheapest way possible. That is unless my dad feels like footing the bill. And let's face it. That won't happen. I once went an entire week without hot water b/c my dad was so adamant about me "being a grown up" and affording my own gas and electric. Which is just silly. 

I may be on a severe budget, but one thing is for certain. I'm going to get the door that I want. So let the research begin. To get the door that I want, i've got to know what I want first, no?

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Ok, off to research now. Ugh. If I find a door out while thrifting today and have to tie it to the hood of my tiny little Mercedes, I'm not going to be a happy camper. I need a less ridiculous car for my excursions I think....
Classic, structured black and white never goes out of style. Haven't you ever noticed how you have more of these two in your closet? Invest in good quality pieces that are immaculately tailored and you will always look put together. Some of my faves?

Today, I intend on doing my most favorite things. Museum and cooking. What are you doing?


Wayne Coyne's new space downtown, The Womb, would be such a colorful and  cool spot to hold an event. I haven't gotten word on if the space will even be able to be rented out as event space, but if so, I'd totally have a party there. Especially if Wayne showed up. :)

Last weekend was my 29th birthday. God I'm old. Here are just a few of my favorite things from the day. :)


It seems like ages ago that I found these guys on craigslist for a whopping $25. {See what they used to look like} Then, like most other things I do, I found a bargain on getting them reupholstered. Nearly a year later, (the price I pay for bargain hunting) they are finally finished. Whooo hooo! I'll never use that lady again, but my god, they look fab in my living room. Now on to the next project!
Oklahoma City is filled with great thrift stores and antique shops. The problem? Finding them. One day a few months ago I stumbled what is known as "Antique Alley" here in Oklahoma City. (10th and May for those who want to venture out) SUCH FANTASTIC DEALS. I nearly peed my pants when Tommy Switch and I came across a genuine egg chair one day. I'm telling you, this is the place to hunt for one of a kind pieces at great prices. Here is just a peek of what I found while hunting a few weekends ago. 

And the coolest place? An abandoned theater turned junkyard. This place used to be the Penn Theater (12th and Penn). Now days its piled high with just about everything you could imagine. I love this sort of thing. LOVE. Things are always cheaper in a place like this. And I have to admit, I love the hunt. 

Treasure hunting can be dangerous. 

And the goods I brought home? For starters, I found these fantastic brass pulls in the bottom of an old beat up cardboard box. They were dirt cheap. 

I hope to find a cabinet or pair of night stands to refinish to smack these babies on. Kinda like this.

Or this.

Then, remember my obsession with bamboo? {see here}
I found this bamboo table for the guest room. I'm so excited to paint it!

Football season is just around the corner. People are already starting the hunt for great tickets and consequently the hunt for a great game day outfit. Foot ball is big time here in Oklahoma ya know! I've never been one to wear something with the team logo on it. I prefer just to wear the team colours. Here are my picks for this season. 


Well, the party is over, and it's back to the grind starting tomorrow. This is my last year in my 20's and I'm going to make it a good one.  This will be a year of amazing house projects, fantastic trips and even better memories than 28 brought. 

Happy Birthday to me! Today will be filled with hanging with a handful of my closest friends (minus a few that are away for a bachelorette party) and the boyfriend. We'll be going for sushi at my favorite restaurant and then dancing the night away.  Absolutely cannot wait! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Kitchen Progress

Looking back, it's hard to believe how far my little kitchen has come. Remember what it looked like before I bought my house?

I had the terrible backsplash taken out and a cabinet replaced and another ripped out to make room for a dishwasher. 

Then the counters were replaced with granite.

Then there was the backsplash. Which I bought at a super discounted price online. Then had them installed by a father/son team who also did it for super cheap. 

Which brings me to my most recent update. 

That's right. I finally found a dishwasher I wanted that was, you guessed it! Super cheap! Mostly in part to the bf's negotiating skills. 

It arrived in this. 

But. Before ripping it out the box, several things had to happen. 
1.) Plumbing had to be re-arranged.
2.) Electric needed to be run to where the dishwasher would be. 

That's where this guy came in. 

That would be the bf. He's rather handy you see. (And hot, don't you think?) He told me what supplies to get. (See below. He even drew me a diagram since he couldn't make it to Lowe's with me.)

After I bought what I needed, the installation began!

The bf has an amazing friend who helped him with the install. Check out his shop [here]

I don't have much info about the install because to be honest, I went and read a magazine.

But the boys saved the day and installed my gorgeous new dishwasher without any problems. 

Ta-dah! Finally!!! I feel like a normal member of American society that gets to lay on the couch and watch TV while my dishes get washed. 

There is still so much work to do. I need to paint next. Then redo the tile, find a new hood vent or expose the old one and so much more. My brain hurts thinking about it. 


Check out these little baby foo dogs I found while thrifting this weekend! $9 total! I plan on spray painting them... Can't decide on a colour though. Any ideas? Also found a great members only jacket for my honey which he will probably hate and an animal print/tribal looking skirt for work. 
I love the colour blue. It reminds me of the ocean and Singapore. I'd like to wear more of it. But not all at once. A little blue here.... a little blue there... 

1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7

Happy Sunday! Can't believe summer is nearly over. There are so many things I haven't done this summer that I would have liked to. Perhaps next year! I have to say though, kinda getting excited for fall. The baking, the decorating... 


I've been spending lots of time with the bf at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. They've had a lot of mid century exhibits come through lately. (FYI: I love anything mid-century)

I'd really love to renovate my bathroom. It's so 1970's. And not in a good way. If my budget were limitless I'd go for a nice gray colour palette. And lots of marble!



1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
What a great saying. I'd love to have this framed and put in my house. :)

Over cocktails a few weeks ago a friend was gushing to me about a pair of shoes she'd seen in a local fashion show. She mentioned that the collection was fantastic (some pairs were actually encrusted in candy!) and that she'd kill to get her hands on a pair. She couldn't remember the name and I'd had a few too many cocktails that night to remember to jot it down to look up later. 

Fast forward to Sunday morning. I'd had a late one out celebrating Kiki's birthday and was attempting to pick up the mess of empty champagne bottles in my front lawn. (don't ask) That's when I spotted a newspaper that must have mistakenly been thrown on my lawn. I'm a sucker for coupons so I snatched it up. Inside was a publication I'd never heard of before called Mood. And on the cover was a photo of the most fantastic pair of shoes I've ever seen. 

We all know what a sucker I am for a great pair of shoes. And Lindley Joy Baker's collection is no exception. Based right here in Oklahoma, Lindley's company LJ Design, churns out some of the most unique heels I've ever seen. And? I'm in love. (especially with the mirrored ones below)

Lindley's designs have been featured in numerous fashion shows and photo shoots. And the cool part? She's local. Love to see talent like this in Oklahoma. 

Many thanks to Lindley for for the photos! You can check out her collection {here} or in last week's issue of Mood {here}